Types Of Post That People Love

You started a blog … things were going well the first week … then you ran to talk about stuff.

What should artists post about?

Knowing what to post is one of the most common challenges that all bloggers face repeatedly, so if you’re not posting regularly as originally planned, don’t be too hard on yourself.

The first place to start looking for answers is in your creative work, as it is your creative work that inspires your blogging activity… not the other way round. If you have taken a break from your creative work, you may experience a loop in your blogging… unless you are blogging about Lool. While professional bloggers may be able to schedule a month’s worth of content on a calendar, a creative blogger will be limited in how much creative work they do and depending on what is going on at that point in their career and life. Used to be. A creative artist.

Below you will find a list of posts that followers find interesting. Also, I hope this helps you diversify your content and eventually helps you post through the flaws.

1. Video Post

It was only a few years ago that people were warming to the idea of ​​dialing on the web to access information … I remember the sweet sound of dial-up all about. Leave one, two, a few, and now people like me watch the video on their iPhone as it is live-streamed on the web from another country.

It is all about the video.

Here are some video post ideas you can consider (you may have to get creative depending on your medium).

work in progress
Behind the scenes
Personal updates
Obviously, your creative medium will be the final factor in which type of video post you can locate, but the overall idea is to engage with your following on a visual, more personal level.

By posting a video of you speaking directly into the camera, you will be able to speak directly to your followers … and the audience appreciates it, creating a more personal connection.

2. Struggle Post

Good storytellers can establish, inspire, or make an emotional connection between their audience and the characters in their stories, regardless of how diverse or unreliable the audience is. They are able to do so because of a simple matter of fact … We are all human and therefore empathize or sympathize with others when exposed to some type of conflict or defect within the character.

As a blogger, you can achieve a similar type of emotional connection with your followers by revealing your struggle.

This does not mean that you should cry about everything that does not go on as planned, but rather that you should reveal something that will help your followers to connect with you on another level … a level that they can understand and either sympathize with or sympathize with you.

For example, I had been struggling to pay a small loan for two years now and my electricity was switched off when I failed to pay the bills on time. Also, I often feel defeated because I can’t even afford to paint the canvas.

The key here is to be cautiously honest with your followers – something bloggers refer to as transparency. Explain that you are a human being and you make more emotional connections with them.

3. News Post

When you build a following online, you attract the people with the most similar interests, so what’s new in terms of trends in the community can actually provide a lot of value to your readers.

Go beyond rereading the news by adding your own commentary to the mix, ask your followers their opinion, and discuss it.

Posting this type of content on your blog will also engage your followers with the latest, which your followers will appreciate and will depend on what topic you are discussing.

4. Post success

Posting about your personal success as an artist is a great way to manifest progress in your creative career, inspire action from your followers, and people love it!

Just be careful not to boast when sharing the news.

5. Post Failure

While post-failure may be similar to revealing your conflict, it is more specific.

However, they work on a similar level because it reveals something that we can all understand. Just as we love success, so probably most of us hate failure. The act of letting yourself follow on that, however, will help build that emotional connection between you and yourself.

What do you think

What are some other types of posts that can help an artist to continue in their creativity during a lullaby?

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