The next generation user interface

The next generation user interface

Have you ever given a presentation and thought it would have been better if you could communicate like a whiteboard computer screen? If there is a digital bad board with different pens to work together on the projector, it would be nice if the transactional mouse and keyboard work were well when interacting with a computer, but sometimes with more options, recently touch screen and voice recognition offered two new ways to the interface. A larger touchscreen that users can recognize is one of many Will not work on screen and video capture can access Yoga studio from recent technological creative computer technology is making the better interface and you will continue to make improvements in your life while taking the watch of the future.

There have been many changes with the designing interface. First, the simple fact is that people have different preferences. Some prefer to communicate with friends via text message and others will prefer to communicate with others so there is doubt about whether a single interface will prevail. Should.

Due to the touch screen interface between tablets and smartphones, many people think that it will be coming soon to all home and business computers. In the foreseeable future, girls use both hands to interact with older women, so a person can interact with the elements at the same time. The only problem is that the multi-touch multi-picture screen is not comfortable to keep your hands on for too long. Microsoft could do the same by placing pixels Also produced by the name Isens, why don’t I want it in the larger society? Because it responds to both human society and the objects placed on it, not only can they replace today’s desktops, but they also have a lot of respect for the individual due to their long time working with them. Stress can make it less likely to be used for longer.

The ideal use of pixel sense appears to be in collaboration and teamwork. Voice recognition is another form of input available but requires further improvement. Computers are becoming better at obeying specific voice commands, but also in daily conversations or complex requests. Associate them Can’t be done The computer is working in the field of artificial intelligence to improve natural language processing to help you understand your writing and language. When it is fully developed, you will be able to talk to other people as well as your computer.

Both cameras and software are beginning to be sophisticated enough to make sense of your gesture. The Kinect system for the Xbox One also has the ability to use body movement to interact with various games and fitness programs by analyzing and improving the phone in a yoga routine.

Researchers at MIT are working on cameras that can monitor your gestures and most of the components you interact with to interact with your computer. In the future, computers will be so integrated with your emotions and expressions that they will see your frustration about the move operation and take various corrective actions to eliminate it.

The next step in computer communication is to have Augmented Reality. Microsoft HoloLens offers glasses from which you can see, but it acts as a monitor that covers the text and images of the real world. With HoloLens cameras, your real world can be filled with virtual companion digital notes and interactive how-to information books.

What kind of interface do you currently prefer to use? Do you think the touch screen interface will replace the keyboard?

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