How to Create Your About Page

There are four essential pages every blog needs – the about page is one of the most important.

To readers, the about page is where they go to learn more about the blogger behind the blog. It’s where they go to find out what you do, who you are, and what you have to offer them.

The best way to create a good about page is to keep it simple – here are a few points to consider.

Start With An Introduction

One of the best ways to create a welcoming about page is to take a moment to introduce yourself.

The best introductions are brief, so be sure you spend some time thinking about what you want your readers to know about you first and foremost. Since you’ve taken the time to start a blog, it’s safe to say you’re set on using your blog to advance your creative career – whatever it may be; don’t worry about telling your reader how you earn a living while pursuing your creative career – simply tell them what you do.

If you work as a bartender during the day to make ends meet, and stay up all night writing fiction, simply introduce yourself as a writer.

Introducing yourself as the version of you that you want to be (a professional artist) is the very first step to becoming that version of you.

Welcome your readers, tell them your name, and tell them what you do.

Add A Profile Picture

There are a few places bloggers can add their pictures in order to give their readers a look at who is behind the curtain, but the most efficient place is on the about page.

While some opt to place their picture at the top of their sidebar, this can sometimes become a distraction when trying to help readers focus on the content of your blog. In addition, the top of the sidebar is one of the most valuable pieces of real estate on your blog, so it might be a better idea to reserve that area for a call to action, such as your subscription options and newsletter sign up form.

There is no right or wrong, so whatever method you select, just be sure you include a good quality image.

Build The Reader’s Expectations

In addition to revealing a little about yourself, be sure to inform them what they can expect from your blog. Whether you’re going to be publishing informational tips, revealing your latest work, or announcing the news, let your reader know here so they know what to expect.

One of the easiest ways to lose a dedicated reader is to provide something different from their expectations.

To do this, consider including a few of your categories. If you’re just starting your blog, then reveal what you plan on doing. if you’re not sure yet, be upfront with your interested reader and let them know.

Recommended Reading

The goal behind every page is to give the reader something more to do – the about page is no exception.

Provide your readers with a few links to the most valuable content on your blog. This may be more difficult if you’re just starting, but you can always edit your page as you create more content.

If you have been blogging for a while, consider including a few of your most popular posts, series of posts, and pillar content – WordPress stats and other analytics will help you here.

Invite Your Reader To Connect

Last but not least, tell your readers how they can connect with you – perhaps even add your own personal spin on why you’d really like to connect.

This not only tells the reader they are invited to connect with you, but also gives them the tools to do so. For example, you’ll notice here on the Creativeblogger about page, I let the reader know that they can stay in touch via email or connect with me socially on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Youtube.

No matter how you go about it, the idea of the about page is to provide a little more information about both you and your blog to your reader.

Just as the web is constantly evolving, it’s best to keep updating your about page to reflect the most current information.

Id love to see more video introductions from bloggers. What do you think?

What do you include in your own about page – and how is it helping you build your following on the social web?

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